Professional Membership

Ascend welcomes members from all ages, races and nationalities!   Membership offers you exclusive discounts to Ascend local chapter and national events across the United States.  Professionals are also welcome to attend student chapter events.

The professional membership includes managers or professionals working full or part-time jobs.  It also includes working professionals currently in transition between jobs or careers. ($125 per year)


Instantly build your network by creating new and lasting relationships  with executives, mentors and professionals from over 150 companies and a  wide variety of industries across the US.


While you gain from more senior professionals and managers, younger  Ascend members can learn from you. Give back to the community by volunteering with our undergraduate chapters, with Ascend or in community service programs.


There is no other professional organization in the country that seeks to  focus exclusively on the business leadership potential of Pan-Asian  professionals. We hope you will join us for an event, become a member,  and help us grow over the coming years.